Enhance Your Zendesk
Workflow with Approvals, Child Tickets

Myndbend Process Manager™ provides an easy,
convenient and flexible way for agents to build custom
processes in Zendesk.

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Create child tickets and get approvals from your agents or end-users.
  • Create child tickets (sub-tasks) from requests
  • Use custom templates to generate repetitive tickets
  • Designate one or more approvers for parent and child tickets
  • Sequence approvals - establish a simple hierarchy of approvers
  • Automate the entire workflow with triggers
  • Free 15 Day Trial

Myndbend Ticket Reminder

Remind agents when a ticket approaches a set date and time. Automate adding reminders to tickets!

Set a due date and time on tickets of any type and set a reminder in minutes. As the ticket due date/time approaches and reaches the minute mark you've set, the app will place an internal comment on the ticket and/or display a notification message at the top of the Zendesk screen. Free 15 Day Trial

Myndbend Article Search & Subscribe App

Search and link to answers, copy snippets, and manage article subscriptions.

Myndbend Article Search & Subscribe makes it easy for agents to quickly look up knowledge base answers and copy them into the ticket editor, and manage which articles a user subscribes to, without leaving the ticket editing screen! Includes handy shortcuts for accuracy: search by ticket subject line, ticket tags or keyword. Learn More

"Myndbend Process Manager has been a game changer for my business and has given my team massive productivity improvements, lowering my average cost-per-ticket considerably!"
Josh Thomas

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